Don’t just think green.... GO GREEN!


Welcome to Solar Enterprises!, located in North Central Indiana. We are a distributor of evacuated tubes, solar hot water heaters, wind turbines, and other environmentally friendly sources of renewable energy. We offer the latest, most cost efficient, and reliable products available on the market.

With products designed for both residential and commercial use, Solar Enterprises is determined to remain focused on offering the industry’s leading products and services, because making the commitment today can make a greener tomorrow.

Our products are eligible for full 30% federal tax credit plus your state incentive!!

"I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy.What a source of power! I hope we don't wait till oil and coal run out before we tackle that."--Thomas Edison - 1931

SRCC certification means that Solar Enterprise systems are eligible for all federal and state tax incentives.

Solar Enterprise systems meet and exceed the requirements for Energy Star compliance. With Energy Star products you are saving more than just your money.